Kendra Murray - Associate Producer
Ralph Scott - Producer
John Biehl (l) - Director; Mikey Garcia-Ortiz - Cinematographer
Linda Duenas - Stylist
Mikey Garcia-Ortiz - Director of Photography
Monique Ford - Makeup Artist
Gavin Jones - Audio Recording Engineer
(l to r) Emmett Schrader - Videographer; Kendra Murray, Assoc. Producer; Monique Ford - Makeup Artist; Alison J. Marshall - Author; Gavin Jones - Audio Recording Engineer
Lord Lucas (who insisted we put him on 
the Crew Page or he'd turn us all into toads).
Emmett Schrader (and 'Kitty') - Videographer
John Biehl - Director
Lord Lucas' carousel menagerie, compliments of 
Garden Valley Ranch, Petaluma, California
Lucy Grace  - Director's asst.  
She yells: 'ACTION!' really  well.
(John Biehl)  (Ralph Scott)  (Daniel Leo Simpson)
Sammer Abu AlRaheb - Key Grip
(l to r) Actor Ricky Montes; Author and Exec. Producer Alison J. Marshall; Actor Chris Rodriguez

 The 9 to 5 Sovereign
has been an EDITORO, LLC production
in association with

Executive Producer: Alison J. Marshall
Produced by: Ralph Scott
Associate Producer: Kendra Murray
Directed by: John Biehl
Story by: Alison J. Marshall
Story editors: Emily J. Conway; Amelia Beamer
Director of Photography: Mikey Garcia-Ortiz
Key Grip: Sammer Abu AlRagheb
Editor: John Biehl
Special Effects (ancient book): Joshua Atencio - TruPixelMedia
Audio Recording Engineer: Gavin Jones, Duvateen Sound
Original score by Daniel Léo Simpson
Stylist: Linda Duenas, Sonya & Company Hair
Makeup: Monique Ford
Monster Makeup: Cynthia Ann Richards
Costumes & Props: Dori O'Dea & Kendra Murray
Additional Costumes: Heidi Rose & LeeAnn Keever-Norton
Videographer: Emmett Schrader
Asst. to the Director – Lucy 'LuLu' Grace 
Publicity: Melissa Lamming - Assist On The Run

Jenna Woolfe - Herself
Cedric Pendragon - Ricky Montes
Eldon Pendragon - Tom Wilson
Charles Pendragon – John Pratt
Enid Pendragon - Laura Mooney
Gary Smythe - Barton Smith
Shelly - Dori O'Dea
Lord Lucas - Chris Rodriguez
Don - Ben Kaplan
Barista - Emily Lord

Background Players
Lucy 'LuLu' Grace 
Susan O'Rourke 
Neva Hunt 
Jessica Neuhaus
Stephen Dickinson
Melinda Daugherty
Linda Churchill
Asa Churchill
Heidi Rose
LeeAnn Keever-Norton
Betta fish - Dude Biggers  

Narrator: Bob Bavnani

The Producers gratefully acknowledge the following people 
and institutions without whom this picture would not have been possible:

The City of Petaluma
The Citizens of Petaluma
The Petaluma Downtown Association
WORK Petaluma
New Hampshire Insurance Co.
Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc.
Sherry's Baked Goods
Cameron + Company
ACRE Coffee
Kate Haxton and Howie Weed
Petaluma Arts Center
Aqua Terra 
Petaluma Historical Library & Museum
Garden Valley Ranch
Barrango, Inc. (for the carousel animals)
Military Antiques & Museum
Custom Costumes
Rafi's Pizza
Maguire's Pub 
FedEx Office, Petaluma
Haley Schrader

The characters in this film are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. 
But if they are dead, ask Lucas. 

Filmed entirely on location in Petaluma, California.

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